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Benson Disappointed in Supreme Court Ruling, Vows to Continue Fighting for Public Employees

Assemblyman Daniel Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex) expressed his disappointment with Tuesday’s Supreme Court pension funding ruling, but vowed to continue working to help shore up the retirement system for hardworking public employees by advocating for making full pension payments.

“While this ruling is, without a doubt, disappointing, the court did make it clear that public employees are due their pensions and it’s up to the governor and the legislature to resolve this issue. While the Democrats in the legislature have made a good faith effort to fully fund the pension system, the governor, unfortunately, has not dealt fairly with our employees or lived up to his end of the bargain.

“Moving forward, we must continue to honor our pension obligations. To do otherwise would not only be irresponsible, but it would saddle future budgets and taxpayers with even more debt while continuing to hurt our teachers, our first responders and all of our other hardworking rank and file public employees,” said Benson.