Benson: Mercer, Middlesex to Receive Critical Transportation Funding Grants for Local Projects

Nine Towns in Mercer, Middlesex Counties to Receive Over $5 million in Grants
(HAMILTON) – Assemblyman Daniel Benson, who is chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, announced Tuesday nine towns in Mercer and Middlesex counties will receive over $5 million in state aid for much-needed road and other transportation improvement projects.

“I am proud of the work our towns put into applying for the Municipal Aid Program. Given the competitive process, we are grateful to receive transportation grants for ten projects and to see an increase in funding from last year,” said Benson (D- Mercer, Middlesex). “These grants will help to alleviate the burden on taxpayers and meet the needs of important road projects.”

The Department of Transportation Municipal Aid program will award $161 million this year, which is more than double last year’s amount. Almost 90% of the state’s municipalities will receive grant funding for local projects – the largest in state history. The grants are awarded from the Transportation Trust Fund.

“Additional transportation funding is always welcomed in not only our district but in all counties throughout the state. We are all working hard to keep property taxes down and our roadways in the best condition,” continued Benson. “This is the largest allotment of municipal aid funding in state history for transportation projects and it will be crucial to helping keep our roads safe.”

Under the Municipal Aid grant program, each county is awarded a share of the total funding based on population and the number of local centerline miles.

Municipalities submit applications based on a specific project. Applications are screened by a committee comprised of municipal engineers and NJDOT staff appointed by the Commissioner. Recommendations are provided to the Commissioner for consideration and approval.