Benson, Murphy Resolution to Raise Awareness for Blood Disorders Signed into Law

Resolution declares March of each year “Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month”

(TRENTON) – A joint resolution sponsored by Assembly Democrats Daniel Benson and Carol Murphy to raise awareness for bleeding disorders has been signed into law.

The law (AJR-55) designates March of each year as “Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month” in New Jersey. Most bleeding disorders are inherited, and result from blood being unable to clot correctly within the body. These rare disorders can be fatal if not treated correctly, according to the sponsors.

“Three million Americans live every day with bleeding disorders, like hemophilia,” said Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex), “Too often, a lack of knowledge of these diseases prevents proper care and research of new treatments. This resolution will help to raise awareness of these challenges.”

The intent of this law, the sponsors noted, is not only to raise awareness but also to aid in a greater understanding of bleeding disorders and form a greater sense of community among those diagnosed.

“Dedicating the entire month of March to bleeding disorder awareness will get more people talking and taking action,” said Murphy (D-Burlington). “With more education, more funds, and a larger support system, we can begin to see the number of lives lost to these diseases decrease each year.”

The resolution was signed into law by the Governor on Friday.