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Benson on NJ STEM Program Initiative

Assemblyman Daniel Benson (D-Mercer, Middlesex) applauds Tuesday announcement of Governor Murphy’s continued commitment to developing affordable college education in New Jersey and his support of STEM programs:

“The NJ Career Accelerator Internship Program will be a fantastic opportunity to allow STEM students to develop their skills in a professional environment. The growing importance of internships cannot be stressed enough. Giving our students the chance to secure paid internships will allow them to take advantage of this program without suffering economic hardship, a situation that I can personally relate to.

“When I was a physics student at Georgetown University, I could not afford to take an unpaid internship in my field, and instead worked in the library and as a teaching assistant. My experience was not unique, as I have heard from many students that often they are unable to take these critical stepping stones to a quality first job. This new program will ensure that our best and brightest will have access to career enhancing opportunities regardless of financial background.

“Through this and other programs, our students will be rewarded for their continued contributions to our economy. With the promise of financial assistance during and after college, these new initiatives will encourage our students to live and work in New Jersey for years to come.”