5-Bill Higher Education Reform Package, Eliminating Sports Gaming Prohibitions, Woman’s Health & Senior Citizen Protections Top Thursday Assembly Committee Meetings

Again Invalidating Anti-Civil Service Effort, Consumer Debit Card Protections, Combating Patent Infringement & Red Tape Cutting Also Among Bills on Tap

(TRENTON) – A 5-bill higher education reform package and legislation to repeal all prohibitions against sports gaming, improve consumer debit card protections, improve women’s health care and improve protections for senior citizens highlight Thursday’s Assembly committee meetings.
Bills to once again invalidate Gov. Chris Christie’s efforts to dismantle Civil Service, protect New Jersey’s Internet gaming industry, modernizing distribution of income tax refunds and other state benefits, red-tape cutting and vacant property management are also among the bills on tap.
The committees are scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live at:
Highlights include:
· A-2800 (Riley/Giblin/Jasey/Cryan/Fuentes) – Requires high school students to be assessed using college placement cut scores to determine readiness for college-level course work, and Commissioner of Education to develop plan to improve college and career counseling for students; A-2801 (Jasey/Stender/Riley/Garcia) – Provides that no more than 120 credits will be required for baccalaureate degree awarded by a public institution and no more than 60 credits for an associate degree; A-2805 (Jasey/Riley/Cryan/Stender/Pinkin) – Directs Secretary of Higher Education to establish common core course numbering system for public institutions of higher education; A-2814 (Cryan/Burzichelli/Riley/Benson) – Directs Secretary of Higher Education to revoke proprietary school’s license to award academic degrees if school fails to achieve certain minimum graduation rates; and A-2815 (Pinkin/Cryan/Riley/Quijano/Benson) – Requires New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority to annually prepare report on debt held by public institutions of higher education. 10:30 a.m. Higher Education.
· A3711 (Caputo/Mazzeo/Burzichelli/Mukherji) – Repealing partially all prohibitions, permits, licenses, and authorizations concerning sports wagering. 10 a.m. Tourism and Gaming.
· A1247 (Prieto/Mukherji) – Requires health benefits coverage for mammograms for women under 40 who lack access to family medical history due to their or their parent’s adoption. 10 a.m. Financial Institutions.
· ACR192 (Stender) – Invalidates Civil Service Commission job banding rule. 2 p.m. Regulatory Oversight.
· A2461 (Singleton/Burzichelli/Caputo/Conaway/Lagana) – Creates offense of financial exploitation of the elderly. 10 a.m. Health and Senior Services.
· A1681 (Wisniewski/DeAngelo/Coughlin/Benson) – Exempts senior homeowners from municipal building permit fees. 10 a.m. Health and Senior Services.
· AR132 (Mazzeo) – Urges United States Congress to oppose S.2159 and H.R.4301 which would prohibit states from authorizing and conducting Internet gaming. 10 a.m. Tourism and Gaming.
· A3210 (Coughlin) – Requires disclosure of all fees and charges associated with prepaid debit cards on the package of such cards. 10 a.m. Consumer Affairs.
· A1252 (Prieto) – Requires ATM operators to disclose balance inquiry fees. 10 a.m. Financial Institutions.
· A3480 (Diegnan) – Eliminates consumer data collection requirements for certain gift cards. 10 a.m. Consumer Affairs.
· A2924 (Lagana/Burzichelli/Garcia) – Modernizes the distribution of gross income tax refunds by making direct deposit the default distribution method; and A2925 (Lagana/Burzichelli/Garcia) – Provides for use of prepaid debit cards as standardized form of disbursement for certain State and local government payments to individuals and business entities. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A3579 (Moriarty) – Limits access to data recorded by motor vehicle recording devices. 10 a.m. Consumer Affairs.
· A3725 (Moriarty/Diegnan/Jimenez) – Requires dealership to notify buyers of recalls on used motor vehicles for sale. 10 a.m. Consumer Affairs.
· A2583 (DeAngelo) – Requires development of fact sheet about bedbugs to be posted on the Department of Education’s website. 2 p.m. Housing and Community Development.
· A2599 (Singleton) – Requires registration of certain vacant and abandoned properties with municipalities and permits municipalities to require protective measures be taken for such properties. 2 p.m. Housing and Community Development.
· A2581 (Mukherji/Pintor Marin) – Requires OAL to maintain Internet database summarizing all State rule-making actions. 2 p.m. Regulatory Oversight.
· A3348 (Caputo/Singleton/Tucker) – Requires each casino licensee conducting Internet gaming in this State to prominently advertise name of its Atlantic City casino on its Internet gaming websites and advertisements. 10 a.m. Tourism and Gaming.
· A3349 (Garcia/Green) – Requires that information about legal rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in rental dwelling units be kept up to date in both English and Spanish. 2 p.m. Housing and Community Development.
· A3064 (Mazzeo/Lagana) – Repeals anachronistic, superseded, or invalidated sections of statutory law. 2 p.m. Regulatory Oversight.
· A3170 (Wilson) – Requires inspection for pest infestation prior to demolition. 2 p.m. Housing and Community Development.
· A2462 (Singleton/Wimberly) – Prohibits bad faith assertion of patent infringement. 2 p.m. Commerce and Economic Development.
· A3123 (Burzichelli/Eustace/Andrzejczak/Mazzeo) – Requires each State agency to review permits issued by agency and make necessary changes to expedite and facilitate permitting. 2 p.m. Commerce and Economic Development.
· A3624 (Singleton/Schaer/Lagana) – Prohibits awarding of State contracts to certain domestic corporations that reorganize overseas in order to avoid United States taxes. 2 p.m. Commerce and Economic Development.
· A1898 (Burzichelli/Spencer) – Requires OLS to provide certain notices and reports to legislators and legislative staff by electronic means only. 2 p.m. Regulatory Oversight.