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Bill Permitting Expedited Licensing for Medical Professionals During Public Health Emergencies Passes Full Legislature

In an effort to ensure New Jersey has as many medical professionals as possible to help the state deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic, a bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats Thomas Giblin, John Armato and Eric Houghtaling expediting the licensure of certain medical professionals unanimously passed the full Senate Thursday. It previously passed the full Assembly Monday by a unanimous vote.

Under the bill (A-3862), state officials would be permitted to temporarily waive certain requirements of the licensure process for professionals from other states seeking a license in New Jersey. These requirements include background checks, equivalent standards in the other state, initial supervision and the payment of registration fees.

Upon passage of the bill, Assemblymen Giblin, Armato and Houghtaling released the following joint statement:

“Although we hope that the statewide restrictions being implemented will help slow the spread of this virus, we must prepare for the possibility of an influx of COVID-19 cases that require hospitalization.

“As such, now is the time to welcome any healthcare providers who are able and willing to come to New Jersey to help our residents. Expediting licenses for professionals who have not worked in New Jersey due to the licensure process will help us do just that. 

“This legislation anticipates the need for their assistance and applies temporary measures that will make it easier for them to receive the necessary licensure.”