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Bipartisan Resolution Expresses New Jersey’s Solidarity with the Ukrainian People and Government, Condemns Aggressive Russian Invasion

Responding to the unprovoked and aggressive Russian invasion of Ukraine, in violation of the country’s independence and sovereignty, the New Jersey Assembly voted on Monday unanimously 75-0 passing a bipartisan concurrent resolution (ACR-115) to stand in solidarity with the people and government of Ukraine. The resolution is sponsored by Assembly Speaker Coughlin and Assembly Minority Leader DiMaio.

Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin (D-Middlesex):

“The Assembly stands firmly behind President Biden and global allies acting cooperatively to enforce comprehensive sanctions against Putin’s regime.

“New Jersey is home to one of our nation’s largest Ukrainian-American populations and we echo concern for the safety of family members and friends impacted by the unlawful and violent Russian aggression within Ukraine.

“Already costing hundreds of lives, injuring thousands more, and displacing over half a million Ukrainian residents, we support an immediate cease-fire and the recall of all Russian troops from Ukraine.

“As we express solidarity, supporting intensive economic penalties imposed on Putin and sympathizers, I would equally call for unity, understanding, and compassion to prevail.”

Assembly Minority Leader John DiMaio (R-Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren):

“It is a day of unity in the N.J. General Assembly as we collectively denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the escalating violence. We support Ukraine’s fight for sovereignty.

“For the more than 73,000 Ukrainian-Americans living in New Jersey, for their families and friends, for world peace, and in the name of freedom and democracy, we call for a diplomatic resolution that protects the independent borders of Ukraine. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people standing strong in the face of Russian aggression.”