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Assemblyman John Burzichelli once again took NJTV to task on Tuesday for its lack of pressing news coverage, something station executives had promised would improve after Labor Day.

“If you flipped the dial this afternoon, nearly every major news outlet, both on network and cable television, was covering the Governor’s press conference live. Yet, New Jersey’s only exclusive TV station was airing “Angelina Ballerina.”

“NJTV executives promised us that they would be investing substantial reDests after Labor Day to improve the quality and content of the station’s news programming. Once again they’ve dropped the ball and it’s the people of New Jersey who end up on the losing end.

“For months now this station has proved to be of little worth to New Jersey while taxpayers continue to subsidize a sizeable portion of its operations. Now that the Governor has officially decided to focus his energy on New Jersey full-time, perhaps he should add this boondoggle to his to-do list,” said Burzichelli (D-Salem/Cumberland/Gloucester).