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Calabrese Asks for Energy Master Plan That Puts Our Children’s Future Front and Center

In advance of the public hearings being held in Newark this Thursday to discuss New Jersey’s 2019 Energy Master Plan draft, Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese (D-Bergen, Passaic) released the following statement:

“I commend the Governor for recommitting the Administration to the Global Warming Response Act and thereby taking a broader approach to combating climate change than his predecessors. However, I continue to strongly urge the Governor and his Administration to go further.

“We are at an important crossroads. We need to move in the right direction and we need to do so now. We need a plan with a commitment to clean energy projects with an immediate moratorium on new fossil-fuel projects. New Jersey cannot and must not move forward with pending proposed natural gas power plants which will emit additional carbon and greenhouse gases.

“New fossil-fuel projects move us away from our clean energy goals and fly in the face of statements regarding the importance of addressing our climate crisis.  In the words of John James Audubon, ‘A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.’

“We must all join together to make the decisions now that will benefit our children and grandchildren. With that as the litmus test, our direction and necessary changes to the Energy Master Plan become clear.”

The hearings will be held on August 8th, 2019 at Seton Hall Law School in One Newark Center – 1109 Raymond Blvd, Newark, NJ 07102. The schedule for the day is as follows:

  • 12:00 pm: Empower NJ to hold Press Conference outside building’s main entrance
  • 1 pm  – 4 pm: Afternoon Public Hearing in the Larson Auditorium
  • 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm: Empower NJ renewable energy rally outside building’s main entrance
  • 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Evening Public Hearing in the Larson Auditorium