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Caputo on “Alyssa’s Law” Becoming Law in New York

(TRENTON) – New Jersey signed Alyssa’s Law in 2019, becoming the first State to require schools to install silent panic alarms to better equip schools to handle potential security emergencies such as an active shooter threat.  Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-Essex) sponsored the bill.

Several other states have introduced similar legislation in their legislatures since its enactment. On Thursday, New York Governor Hochel signed “Alyssa’s Law” into law, and currently, Congress is moving a bill, Alyssa’s Act, that would federally require schools to install a panic alarm system to signal law enforcement in the event of an emergency as well.

Assemblyman Caputo issued the following statement:

“I commend the New York Legislature and Governor Hochel on moving this life-saving bill and signing it into law. A quick response from police to an emergency can make all the difference in a time of crisis.

“It is good to see yet another State embracing Alyssa’s Law and taking action to protect our children. We’re giving families the peace of mind that in the case of an emergency in our schools, there is a direct link to local law enforcement.  I hope ‘Alyssa’s Law’ continues to move through Congress and other State Legislatures so we can keep our children and loved ones safe across the country.”