Caputo on School Security Veto: School Shooting Incidents More than Enough Reason to Require Panic Alarms in NJ Schools

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-Essex) issued the following statement in response the Governor’s veto of his legislation (A-373) that would equip New Jersey schools with a panic alarm and red emergency light for use in school security emergencies:

“The governor’s veto of this legislation is grossly disturbing. Columbine. Sandy Hook. Aurora. These are more than enough reasons to make sure our schools have a direct line to emergency police and fire personnel in the event of security emergencies.
“Panic alarms are commonplace for banking institutions, so why not our schools? Times have changed drastically in the last decade and the dangers of shooting violence are now our reality. How we protect our students and teachers must be examined and our school security improved. Gov. Christie has let down New Jersey.”