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Caride: Disinvestment in Education is Never the Answer

Governor breaks promise; reroutes funds allocated for preschool expansion and to increase tuition aid grants to help fund opioid initiatives

“The opioid epidemic demands attention and action. There is no question about that. But taking away funds that were allocated to create more opportunities for New Jersey students to attend preschool and college should not be part of the equation. I applaud any and all efforts to combat this crisis plaguing our country and our state, but it should not be done at the expense of our students and our working families.

“Preschool offers important educational, developmental and social benefits for our children, while also providing safe and reliable daycare while parents work to support their families. In addition, for many students, college would not be an option without the help of these tuition aid grants. It is unfortunate that the governor does not see the value in making education more accessible and affordable for all of our students. With so much division and discord fueled by misinformation and ignorance, this is not the time to disinvest in the education of our children.”