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Caride: Using Problematic PARCC Test as HS Graduation Requirement Will Hurt Students

(TRENTON) – Assembly Education Committee Chair Marlene Caride (D-Bergen/Passaic) today criticized the state Board of Education’s decision to use PARCC tests as a graduation requirement for New Jersey’s high school students starting with the class of 2021.

“The PARCC test should not be used as a high school graduation measuring stick.

“Why the state Board of Education chose a test that has been problematic from the start and has been largely opposed by parents, students and educators is bewildering. While other states are moving away from high school graduation exams, we just made it more difficult for our students to get their high school diplomas by requiring they take a test that has been widely criticized as convoluted and confusing.

“I understand wanting to ensure that our high school seniors are well-equipped for their next academic endeavors, but in the process, we have stopped making teaching and learning enjoyable.

“While we must address the issue of our students having to take remedial math and English when they enter college, the PARCC and its glitches are not the answer. Perhaps if teachers were able to teach again without having to worry about dedicating a big chunk of school time to teaching to the PARCC test, they could concentrate and dedicate more time to math and English instruction in the classroom.”