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Carter, Chaparro & Vainieri Huttle Resolution Requesting Federal Financial Relief for States Include Emergency Grants for Diaper Banks Passes Full Assembly

With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving many Americans unemployed and struggling to pay for necessities, three Assembly Democrats sponsor a resolution requesting that future coronavirus-related financial aid given to states by the federal government include funding that can be designated for diaper banks. The measure was resolved by the full Assembly last week by a vote of 73-0-4.

Since the resolution (AR-179) has been resolved by the Assembly, it will now be sent to New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Diaper Bank Network.

Upon its passage, sponsors Linda Carter (D-Middlesex, Somerset, Union), Annette Chaparro (D-Hudson) and Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen) issued the following joint statement:

“Panic buying and national supply chain disruptions left many items, including baby products, unavailable to the public during the first few months of the pandemic. Although supply chains have since stabilized and more items are available again, a greater number of caregivers have had their diaper needs exacerbated and are now turning to diaper banks for baby products due to the financial distress this pandemic has caused.

“Diaper banks are struggling to provide items such as baby wipes and diapers to parents in need as a result of increased demand from their communities. Any additional financial assistance, similar to the CARES Act, that the federal government provides states going forward must include money to fund emergency grants for these organizations.

“Being unable to properly care for your child is a challenge that only adds to the immense stress many parents are already under right now. A lack of diapers and other essentials also puts babies at risk for health complications, which is something no child should have to experience.

“Federal funding that states can give to diaper banks would help ensure proper care for so many more children in our state, not just those with parents who can afford essentials right now. Our resolution highlights this need and asks federal representatives to keep it in mind if and when they pass additional coronavirus relief legislation.”