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Carter, Moen & Sumter Legislation Requiring DEP to Make Information Available on its Website Passes Assembly

(TRENTON) – To create more transparency between water purveyors and the residents of New Jersey, Assembly Democrats Linda Carter (D-Middlesex, Somerset, Union), Bill Moen (D-Camden, Gloucester), and Shavonda Sumter (D-Bergen, Passaic) sponsor legislation approved by the full Assembly on Thursday xx-xx requiring the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to publish certain information on their website.

The bill (A-5017) would require the DEP to publish on its internet page, in an easily accessible format:

  • Mitigation plans submitted by a water purveyor pursuant to the Water Quality Accountability Act (WQAA)
  • Certifications submitted by a water purveyor pursuant to the WQAA
  • Reports submitted by a water purveyor based on its asset management plan pursuant to the WQAA.

The DEP would be required to publish the documents submitted by a water purveyor no later than 30 days after receiving the information.

Upon Assembly approval of the measure, Assembly members Carter, Moen and Sumter issued the following joint statement:


“We want to hold water purveyors accountable and create transparency between the DEP and the public.  The WQAA that created new requirements to improve the safety of water infrastructure was a great start.  This bill furthers the act to make important information public so people can have direct knowledge regarding the reliability of their public water services.

“Citizens will be able to keep tabs on their water purveyors and make sure there are no violations occurring.  This will create a more transparent path so people can further understand what is in their drinking water.”