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Greenstein/DeAngelo/Benson Join with Tender Hearts Group in Hamilton to provide donated items to US Armed Forces in time for July 4th Holiday

Senator Linda R. Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) and Assemblymen Wayne P. DeAngelo and Daniel R. Benson (both D-Hamilton) have partnered with Tender Hearts, a Hamilton Township based not-for-profit organization, to collect donated items for members of the United States Armed Forces who have been deployed overseas.

The central jersey lawmakers are working together with Tender Hearts founder Mary VanHise in asking citizens for donations ranging from new T-shirts, socks, toothpaste and toothbrushes to DVD’s and disposable cameras. The collection drive is aimed at providing US troops with some of the comforts of home while they are bravely serving the United States overseas. The items will be collected starting next week and continue until June 27th when they will be sorted and packed up by volunteers from Tender Hearts and mailed out to troops for receipt by the July 4th holiday.

“It is important to remember the troops who put themselves in harms way every day to protect us here at home. Hopefully these donated items will bring a smile and let them know we care and are thinking of them,” said Greenstein (D-Plainsboro).

“Providing our troops with some of the comforts of home while they’re stationed around the globe is the least we can do for those who are fighting to preserve our freedoms,” said DeAngelo (D-Hamilton). “I encourage everyone to donate whatever items they can for this good cause.”

“This donation drive is just a small way for citizens to say Thank You to the brave men and women of our armed forces serving abroad. We are grateful to be able to assist Tender Hearts with this worthwhile effort.” said Benson (D-Hamilton).

“We thank the 14th District Legislators for helping our organization get the word out about donations and providing assistance in the collection of these needed items for our troops that have been deployed,” said Van Hise. “It means a lot for us to know we are helping them while they are fighting for us.”

The following personal care items will be accepted: T-Shirts, white socks, sun block, insect repellant, first aid supplies, Q tips, foot and body powder, brushes/combs, male/female razors and shaving cream, toothpaste/brushes and mouthwash, deodorant, bar soap, lotion, tissues and toilet paper. Small food items such as: hard candy, gum, cookies, crackers, and small bags of chips or pretzels, slim jims, microwave popcorn, instant oatmeal and single serve fruit/pudding/applesauce can also be donated. Hand held games, stationary, playing cards, DVD’s, magazines, puzzle books, disposable cameras, books and batteries are also needed.

Donated items for the troops can be dropped off until June 27, 2011 at Tender Hearts located at: 320 Scully Avenue in Hamilton Township (McManimon Recreation Building) or at one of the three 14th District Legislative offices located at: 7 Centre Drive Suite 2 in Monroe Township; 2239 Whitehorse-Mercerville Ave. Suite E in Hamilton Township or 3691A Nottingham Way in Hamilton Square (adjacent to the Cookie Cottage).

Greenstein, DeAngelo and Benson represent the 14th Legislative District which consists of portions of Middlesex and Mercer counties.