Codey, McKeon & Jasey: Morris & Essex Line Disruption Yet Another Sign of NJ Transit’s Disregard for Commuters

Riders to Face Summer Service Disruption After Recent Derailments, Repeated Delays

Senator Richard J. Codey, Assemblyman John F. McKeon and Assemblywoman Mila Jasey denounced the decision of New Jersey Transit, Amtrak and the Long Island Railroad to disrupt service on the Morris and Essex Line during peak hours in order to complete repairs to New York Penn Station this summer.

Gov. Christie announced Tuesday that upcoming work at New York Penn Station will affect the Morris and Essex Line only. The legislators noted that commuters traveling to and from New York via the line’s Midtown Direct service will be inconvenienced throughout July and August without having had an opportunity to communicate questions or concerns regarding the change to NJ Transit.

“Seven-and-a-half years of neglect and draining all the resources out of NJ Transit has led to this,” said Codey (D-Morris/Essex). “Gov. Christie put national ambition above the interests of the residents of New Jersey. I feel bad for commuters who have slowly watched our transit system deteriorate and can’t even expect that the trains will run on time.”

“Hard-working men and women in New Jersey are just trying to make ends meet, and NJ Transit takes advantage of the fact that many of them have no other choice but to take the train to work,” said McKeon (D-Morris/Essex). “In yet another blatant example of disregard for the commuter, NJ Transit made a unilateral decision to upend the lives of its customers without any consultation from those customers or their representatives in the legislature. Aside from this disrupting Morris and Essex Line commuters, it’s going to put additional stress on other train lines and alternate modes of transportation that will have to pick up the slack, and we have no idea whatsoever what the effect of that will be.”

“After months of repeatedly asking for better communication from NJ Transit, commuters on the Morris and Essex Line once again are the last to know about a service change that will directly affect their lives,” said Jasey (D-Morris/Essex). “NJ Transit continues to make decisions that have an impact on the public without getting input from the public. Commuters deserve far more respect than they receive from the state’s public transportation agency.”

Due to the scheduled repairs, Morris and Essex Line Midtown Direct commuters must go to Hoboken and transfer to an alternate mode of transportation starting in July through Labor Day in order to reach Manhattan.