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Committee Advances Egan Bill Allowing Raffles to Be Conducted Remotely at Sporting Venues

In order to adjust to COVID-19 restrictions, Assemblyman Joseph Egan sponsors a bill that would allow raffles to be held remotely at sporting venues in New Jersey. The legislation was advanced by the Assembly Appropriations Committee Thursday.

Under the bill (A-4625), tickets could be sold and winners drawn remotely through raffles held via the internet, mobile applications and other electronic means as long as the personnel hosting the raffle are within a large sporting venue when selling tickets and drawing the raffle. Participants would have to be located somewhere within the state of New Jersey during the raffle.

Upon the bill advancing, Assemblyman Egan (D-Middlesex, Somerset) issued the following joint statement:

“While this pandemic continues, it’s important to find ways for both residents and businesses to safely participate in the activities they once did. With fans unable to attend many athletic events in-person, allowing raffles – including charity fundraising raffles – to be held remotely is one way we can help people enjoy a part of the typical sports experience again.”