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Committee Advances Mosquera, Benson Bill to Ensure Senior Citizens Continue to Receive Property Tax Benefits After Relocation

To ensure New Jersey’s senior citizens are able to continue receiving important property tax benefits after downsizing or relocating within the State, Assembly Democrats Gabriela Mosquera and Daniel Benson sponsor a bill to revise the criteria for establishing a base year for property tax reimbursements after relocation.

The Assembly State and Local Government Committee advanced the legislation, which would allow senior citizens who move to continue participating in Senior Freeze, on Thursday.

Under the bill (A-1327), the base year for eligible claimants who choose to downsize or move would be the first full tax year prior to the year they reside in a new home. The bill also revises current law to allow claimants to continue receiving property tax reimbursements immediately after moving instead of waiting until the second full tax year following their relocation.

Upon committee approval for the bill, Assembly sponsors issued the following statements:


“For New Jersey’s senior residents who live on a fixed income, property tax reimbursements make a big difference when it comes to making ends meet,” said Mosquera (D-Camden, Gloucester). “By revising current law to offer immediate property tax relief to seniors who choose to downsize or move, we put our seniors first and ensure they continue taking advantage of important benefits that make a significant difference in their lives.”


“Many of our seniors rely on property tax reimbursements to live independently and age with dignity. Those who choose to relocate within the State should not lose any of the property tax benefits they are owed,” said Benson (D-Mercer, Middlesex). “With this legislation, we can ensure our senior residents who have spent their lives and raised their families in New Jersey can afford to remain in our State, even when they move to a new home.”