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Conaway Bill Allowing Counties to Access Certain Data to Help Process COVID-19 Health Claims Passes Assembly

To help counties access information related to claims for publicly-funded COVID-19 health services, Assemblyman Herb Conaway sponsors a bi-partisan bill to require the Medicaid Fraud Division to enter into data sharing agreements with counties upon request.

The bill (A-5215) requires the division to enter into the agreement upon the request of any county that wants access to third party insurance liability data. The data accessed via this agreement would help counties determine whether an individual receiving publicly-funded services related to COVID-19 during the public health emergency – including testing, diagnosis and treatment – has health insurance.

In order to conserve funding for pandemic response, federal rules require government entities and vendors to collect insurance information from individuals receiving COVID-related health care services. Providing a way for county governments to independently access the insurance information of individuals enables those governments to ensure that contracted vendors comply with federal rules.

Upon the bill unanimously passing the full Assembly Thursday, Assemblyman Conaway (D-Burlington) issued the following statement:

“Counties have been given a limited amount of funds to help provide COVID-19 medical services to residents. If an individual receiving those services has insurance, it’s important counties have that information so they can properly bill the appropriate insurer. Giving counties access to the necessary data to obtain compensation from insurers will help make sure more funds are available for the continued provision of COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment services critical to combating this virus.”

The bill now heads to the Senate.