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Conaway Bill to Protect First Aid Squads from Frivolous Lawsuits Advanced by Assembly Panel

(TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Herb Conaway M.D. to help protect first aid, ambulance and rescue squads from frivolous lawsuits was released Monday by an Assembly panel.
Under current law, volunteer first aid, rescue or emergency squads, as well as their members, are provided immunity. However, first aid, ambulance or rescue squads that are non-volunteer are not specifically provided immunity. Under that law, only the officers and members of first aid, ambulance or rescue squads are indemnified, and not the entities themselves.
This bill (A-3282) clarifies that the entities, as well as the officers and members are not liable for any civil damages as the result of an act or the omission of an act committed while in training for or in the rendering of intermediate life support services in good faith.
“Our first aid, ambulance and rescue squads are among the most valued groups in all of our communities throughout New Jersey,” said Conaway (D-Burlington). “They work tirelessly to save lives and help our loved ones in their worst times of needs, so let’s return the favor by at least ensuring all of these groups cannot be hit by frivolous lawsuits. Let’s allow them to focus on saving lives, not on whether they’re going to get sued while acting in good faith.”
The bill was released by the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee chaired by Conaway.