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Conaway & Singleton Announce Recycling Grants for all 17 Towns in 7th Legislative District

Assemblymen Herb Conaway, Jr., M.D. and Troy Singleton (both D-Burlington) on Monday announced $365,000 in state grants to help municipalities throughout the 7th legislative district develop and expand environmentally-friendly recycling programs.

“Recycling programs are a vital component of many of our communities,” said Conaway. “In order to keep these programs running and expanding, it requires funds, which can be hard to come by in this economy so these grants are certainly welcome.”

“Recycling is both a short and long-term investment in our communities,” said Singleton. “But it requires awareness and commitment from our towns and our residents. These grants will help our municipalities keep up with both in order to protect our environment.”

The state’s 1987 Recycling Act established a recycling fund, which makes tonnage grants available to municipalities in order to encourage local source separation and recycling programs. The grants are intended to help towns develop recycling programs and to continue and expand existing programs.


BEVERLY CITY – $3,932.40
BORDENTOWN TWP – $14,827.23
BURLINGTON CITY – $14,195.70
BURLINGTON TWP – $30,713.24
CINNAMINSON TWP – $29,201.15
DELANCO TWP – $13,857.95
DELRAN TWP – $52,493.42
FLORENCE TWP – $25,335.22
MOORESTOWN TWP – $40,937.02
MOUNT LAUREL TWP – $49,631.52
PALMYRA BORO – $9,432.12
RIVERSIDE TWP – $10,961.13
RIVERTON BORO – $3,714.90
WILLINGBORO TWP – $44,214.06