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Conaway & Singleton Welcome Department of Transportation Grant for Burlington County Bridge

Assembly Democrats Herb Conaway, Jr., M.D. and Troy Singleton (both D- Burlington) praised a $1,000,000 grant awarded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) for the replacement of the county bridge that traverses Pompeston Creek connecting Cinnaminson and Riverton in Burlington County.

“This news is very welcome, as it is of the utmost importance for residents to be able to travel safely and with ease,” Conaway said. “Cinnaminson has been adept at raising funds for various bridge repairs in the past, and this grant will ease the burden by proactively replacing a bridge vital to local infrastructure and the local economy.”

Singleton, who serves as Commissioner on the Burlington County Bridge Commission, has been a champion for Burlington County bridges. He has been an advocate for maintaining $3 tolls for major bridges to keep costs manageable for commuters, while also lobbying for necessary repairs and reconstructions for all bridges in the county, major and local alike.

“I could not be happier to see one of our local bridges in Burlington County getting the attention it deserves through the DOT Local Bridges, Future Needs Program,” Singleton said. “Small bridges in the county are essential to everyday life when it comes to accessing important local areas and public transportation stops. This reconstruction will be appreciated now and for years to come by current and future Burlington county residents.”

The bridge connects Riverton Borough and Cinnaminson Township. After crossing the Pompeston Creek, County Road 543 enters Cinnaminson and becomes Saint Mihiel Drive, which then passes the Cinnaminson Station, a stop on the River Line light rail system.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation Local Bridges, Future Needs program provides funds for the improvement of county jurisdiction bridges. As part of its Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, the NJDOT is focusing on preventive maintenance, rehabilitation and selective replacement of bridges. This program was initiated in recognition of funding needs that goes beyond what is currently available at the local level.