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(7th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jack Conners (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement Tuesday on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2010:

“Events have a habit of fading into history. We get busy with our lives and responsibilities, and before you know it, events of great importance can seem like ancient history.
“Some events, though, are too important to ever let that happen.
“Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is one of them.
“Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day pays homage to thousands of brave lives that were lost that fateful day 69 years ago. In all, 2,459 lives were lost and thousands more injured. It was a terrible day in American history, yet also one that rallied the nation and changed history forever.
“Before it was said and done, more than 400,000 Americans would die in World War II. Millions more served and helped on the home front. Everyone, it seems, played a role in protecting the liberty and freedom we still enjoy today.
“This day is a time for remembrance and reflection.
“We can remember those who sacrificed and fought so bravely, whether they be parents, siblings, friends or neighbors. To many Americans living today, stories of World War II come only from history book pages, but even those stories of bravery and heroics are cause for remembrance and reflection.
“While it would be nice if every American could make the trip to Hawaii to pay respects at the Pearl Harbor memorial, it’s obviously not a practical thing for many of us. Fortunately, we in New Jersey can visit the World War II Memorial in Trenton to reflect and learn about not only Pearl Harbor, but the entire war effort.
“For generations to come, the bravery and heroism of The Greatest Generation will forever be on display in New Jersey thanks to this beautiful memorial.
“This memorial will guarantee that no one will ever forget how Americans came together and did whatever they could, sacrificed whatever it took and gave whatever they had to ensure freedom persevered over tyranny.
“So take a minute this Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to reflect on that heroism, and if you can, pay a visit to Trenton to remember the day that will live in infamy.”