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(7th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jack Conners (D-Burlington/Camden) released the following statement on Monday:

“When I heard the news of the death of Osama bin Laden, my thoughts immediately turned to the families of those lost to terrorism – both those who perished on Sept, 11, 2001 and in other senseless attacks, and those in uniform lost fighting to eradicate this evil from our planet.
“We must remember to honor all these heroes each and every day by cherishing our freedom and liberty. And we must remember always to comfort the loved ones of those lost. While this news provides some closure, nothing can bring back the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and neighbors we’ve lost.
“It’s been a long effort, and while this news re-emphasizes America’s dedication to the pursuit of justice, it’s an effort that must continue. Those who wish to spread evil will not waver, and nor should we waver in our commitment.
“I want to especially laud the Navy Seals who got this job done. They are among our finest and a stellar example of what it means to serve this great nation. Their actions were brave and valiant and a reminder that no matter the odds, American courage wins out.”