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Coughlin, Benson & Wisniewski Bill to Help Boost Organ and Tissue Donation Signed Into Law

April Will Now Be Designated as “Donate Life Month”

Legislation sponsored by Assemblymen Craig Coughlin, Dan Benson and John Wisniewski to help boost organ and tissue donation throughout the State of New Jersey has been signed into law.

“Organ and tissue donation is one of the single greatest gifts we can give,” said Coughlin (D-Middlesex). “The amount of lives that can be saved or improved by one single donor is invaluable. Hopefully, through the power of education, we can encourage everyone to give the gift of life.”

The new law (A-1265) designates April of each year as “Donate Life Month” and directs the Governor to issue a proclamation calling upon public officials and residents to observe the month with appropriate activities and programs.

“We’ve seen many inspiring stories of organ donations over the years,” said Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex). “There is no greater gift one can give then to help provide someone with a new lease on life and more time to cherish with their loved ones. I hope Donate Life Month will remind everyone of the power they have to impact others through this selfless act.”

“Organ donation is a simple, heroic act that everyone should consider,” said Wisniewski (D-Middlesex). “Many people support organ donation but often fail to find the time to register to become a donor. Hopefully this educational campaign will put the knowledge at their fingertips and increase registration.”

The law also requires the State Treasurer to disseminate information about organ and tissue donation with employee paychecks during the month of April. The Department of Treasury is also required to encourage all businesses with state contracts to notify their employees, through information and materials or through an organ and tissue awareness program, of organ donation options.

All information provided to employees and state contractors concerning organ and tissue donation must be prepared in collaboration with the organ procurement organizations designated by law to serve in New Jersey.