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(WOODBRIDGE) — After attending a rally held by toll workers opposed to privatizing toll collection on New Jersey’s toll roads Wednesday, Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin (D-Middlesex) issued the following statement:

“Enough is enough. Every working class group that has an ideological disagreement with the Christie administration does not deserve to suddenly be painted as the root cause of everything that is wrong with New Jersey. Continuing to describe them as such is both unprofessional and unnecessary.

“The toll workers offered up a serious series of compromises totaling $35 million in savings to taxpayers to keep their jobs and prevent a move to privatization. It should be considered.

“The current privatization plans being discussed will do two things: toss hard-working middle class men and women onto the state’s unemployment lines and bring a fresh crop of green workers into Turnpike and Parkway toll booths just in time for the summer rush of shore traffic. Neither outcome benefits taxpayers or makes any sense, unless — like the Christie administration — you count yourself a champion of privatization for privatization’s sake.

“As one of the legislators who represents the district where the Turnpike and Parkway meet, on behalf of my constituents I urge the Turnpike Authority and the governor to reconsider this mad rush towards privatization, before it’s too late.”