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Coughlin & Quijano on Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex) and Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-Union) issued the following statements today announcing they will seek voter approval to legalize adult-use cannabis in New Jersey:

Speaker Coughlin: “The Assembly will vote on legislation to put an adult-use cannabis question before the voters. We plan to pass the measure this year and next in order for New Jerseyans to have the opportunity to make the decision in November 2020 when we expect voter turnout to be high due to the presidential election.”

Assemblywoman Quijano: “We will ask New Jersey voters to approve a constitutional amendment to legalize adult-use cannabis. The amendment would allow the State of New Jersey to regulate and tax the burgeoning cannabis industry. As Assembly sponsor of the measure, I am confident this initiative will pass both houses of the legislature and be approved by voters.”