(29th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) — Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Chairman Albert Coutinho (D-Essex) released the following statement on Tuesday on the ongoing efforts to address the Bayonne Bridge’s low clearance and keep New Jersey’s port economy vibrant.

The Bayonne Bridge is too low to allow new super-sized cargo ships to reach Port Newark and Port Elizabeth. Coutinho earlier this year sponsored a legislative resolution urging officials to quickly address the concerns:

“I applaud the leadership of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and its chairman, Anthony R. Coscia, in fast-tracking plans to address this important issue.

“As the sponsor of the resolution urging quick action to resolve this problem, I know that New Jersey could start losing business and jobs as these larger ships start using other ports.

“That would be devastating to New Jersey’s economy, and that’s something we cannot let happen for the good of our businesses and workers.

“It’s a real possibility that 50,000 jobs are on the line here, so resolving this problem expeditiously is a must.

“I am now more hopeful than ever that a solution will quickly be found to save those jobs. I cannot emphasize enough that we must get this job done for the good of our economy and our workers.”

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