Cracking Down on Untraceable Firearms, Continuing to Improve School Bus Safety, Boosting Veterans’ Access to College, Higher Penalties for Violating Wage/Hour Law, Prohibiting Sale of Asbestos Products & Increasing Fines for Not Buckling Kids Properly in Car Seats Top Panel Agendas

(TRENTON) – Making it a crime to buy components for unlawfully manufacturing firearms, telling more parents of the risks of unsecured baby monitors, opposing EPA’s “Affordable Clean Energy” rule proposal, naming the New Jersey State Microbe as Streptomyces Griseus and establishing a STEM Loan Redemption Program for students working in the industry are also among legislation to be considered by Assembly Committees on Monday. Full Agendas can be found here.

More Highlights: Bills designating a full week in September as “Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, providing for jurisdiction for prosecution for certain crimes against minors committed outside New Jersey, establishing the New Jersey Call Center Jobs Act, and permitting historic motor vehicles owners to go for a fun ride once a week not just using the vehicle for educational and exhibition purposes.

Also, the Assembly Education Committee will join with the Senate to receive testimony from Dr. Lamont Repollet, Commissioner of Education, on the Department of Education’s current policy and its plans moving forward regarding the statewide assessments. They will also discuss the use of students’ scores on the assessments for the purposes of educator evaluations.

The Assembly Agriculture Committee will also receive testimony concerning the recent decisions by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture concerning school district contracts with food service management companies (FSMCs).

The Assembly Human Services Committee will hear testimony from invited guests on the status of services for persons with disabilities, the challenged with providing services and how to improve oversight and quality of care.

The meetings are slated to begin at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live via:

· A-3129 (Moriarty/Schaer) – Establishes crime of purchasing components to unlawfully manufacture untraceable firearms.
· A-1013 (Johnson/Caride/Schaer/Vainieri Huttle/Downey) – Provides for jurisdiction for prosecution for certain crimes against minors committed outside New Jersey.
· A-1852 (Lampitt/Moriarty/DeAngelo/Chiaravalloti) – Increases certain penalties for violations of wage and hour law.
· A-1992 (Sumter/Eustace/Benson/Vainieri Huttle/Houghtaling/Wimberly) “New Jersey Call Center Jobs Act.”
· A-790 (Andrzejczak/Land/Mosquera/Mukherji/Downey/Zwicker/Mazzeo) “Combat to College Act”; grants priority course registration to military service members and veterans attending public institutions of higher education.
· A-791 (Andrzejczak, Land, Mosquera, Mukherji, Downey, Zwicker) – Requires public institutions of higher education to grant academic credit to certain veterans.
· A-3123 (Burzichelli) Permits historic motor vehicles to be used for pleasure driving one day per week.
· A-4339 (Swain/Tully/Benson/Jones) – Requires school bus operations in State to comply with certain federal regulations.
· A-4342 (Tully/Swain/Benson/Jones) – Requires public school student to carry identification card at school-sponsored, off-campus activities and requires principal to keep list of students on school buses used for school-sponsored activities in case of emergencies.
· A-4344 (Swain/Jones/Tully/Benson) – Requires employing board of education or school bus contractor, within 24 hours of notification that school bus driver’s license is suspended or revoked, to verify to DOE that driver is no longer operating school bus.
· A-4346 (Tully/Swain/Benson/Jones) – Requires school bus drivers to submit medical certificate to MVC to prove continuing physical fitness and to submit to medical examination that includes certain screenings.
· A-424 (Mosquera/Downey/Holley) – Creates public awareness campaign concerning risks associated with unsecured, Internet-connected baby monitors.
· A-2095 (Lampitt) – Increases penalties for failing to secure a child in a child passenger restraint system or booster seat while operating a motor vehicle.
· A-4416 (Swain) – Prohibits sale or distribution of products containing asbestos.
· AR-184 (Pinkin) – Expresses opposition to EPA’s “Affordable Clean Energy” rule proposal.
· AJR-78 (Taliaferro) – Designates third full week in September as “Direct Support Professional Recognition Week.”
· A-3650 (Quijano/Jones/Barclay) – Designates Streptomyces Griseus as New Jersey State Microbe.
· A-4183 (Zwicker/Mukherji) Establishes STEM Loan Redemption Program.