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Assembly Majority Leader Vows to Fight for Working Class, Despite Gov’s Divisiveness

Assembly Majority Leader Joe Cryan today warned residents not to be fooled by Governor Christie’s divisive tactics aimed at distracting attention from his failed promises and legal obligations.

“Let me get this straight, the Governor ignored his statutory obligation to fund the pension system in the current budget cycle just so he could claim he cut more spending. Now he wants to create a wedge issue for the fall elections so he’s resorted to blackmail by holding senior citizens hostage in exchange for pension reform.

“Seniors have gone almost a year now without any rebate relief while their property taxes have skyrocketed thanks to the Governor’s cuts in aid. He is treating some of our most vulnerable residents as nothing more than a pawn and ignoring the reality of what it’s like to live on a shoe string budget.

“The Governor is attempting to pit neighbors against neighbors to distract from the fact that he is ignoring his legal obligation to fund the pension system and his campaign promise to deliver property tax relief.

“Democrats are not going to play into this divisive game. We will continue to fight for each and every working-class constituency that the Governor continues to trample.”