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(TRENTON) — Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Cryan (D-Union) released the following statement Friday on reports Gov. Christie plans to spend the weekend mulling his decision whether to restart the new Hudson River commuter rail tunnel:

“Gov. Christie needs to stop fiddling and get this project moving again for the benefit of New Jersey.

“We already have good reason to believe the governor has been lying about the cost of this project. We found no proof of his cost estimates in the documents provided by our records request and we know the governor was fully aware his cost estimates were false.

“People have been needlessly shoved onto the unemployment line the last two weeks thanks to Gov. Christie. The governor’s policies have led to New Jersey’s worst jobs report in 18 months. Working class New Jerseyans should not be players in Gov. Christie’s political game.

“Millionaires may be enjoying their tax but, but working class New Jerseyans need jobs and the improved economic future this tunnel will create.

“Governor – stop pondering, show leadership and get this project moving.”