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Cryan: Gov’s Pattern of Burdening Working NJ Will Continue

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union) released the following statement Wednesday after the Assembly Budget Committee heard from State Treasurer Andrew P. Sidamon-Eristoff regarding Gov. Chris Christie’s proposals for the state budget:

“The Treasurer’s testimony today simply confirmed what we already know to be true – that the Governor’s pattern of burdening working-class New Jersey residents will simply continue.

“We’ve seen this before – there’s this very nice talk of ‘shared priorities,’ but the fact of the matter is that actions speak far louder than words. While Democrats in the Legislature have worked tirelessly to restore our economy by putting people first, Gov. Christie’s budget – rife with 31 tax increases for a total of more than $270 million – makes it obvious that they’re still not a top priority for him.

“We’re talking about a budget that targets NJ Transit, the senior freeze, the pension system. And there’s no doubt that it’ll hit everyday New Jerseyans hardest. “While corporations get more tax breaks, families and job-creating small businesses find themselves breaking the bank just to make ends meet. And where has all that gotten us? We have a lower credit rating, unemployment is still above the national average and residents are still scratching their heads and wondering what happened to that Jersey Comeback.”