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Cryan Looks Forward to Christie Review of Latest Rutgers Concern

(20th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union) released the following statement Monday on the report by The Record on Rutgers University President Robert Barchi collecting pay from two firms that do business with the university:

“The idea that anyone would approve having the Rutgers University president collect pay from firms doing lucrative business with the university is enough to make one shake their head in dismay. Taxpayers must know more about how that decision was made, but that’s one of many questions.
“According to the report, Rutgers has paid VWR International and its subsidiaries $15 million since 2008, and is on pace to pay the company $2 million this calendar year, even though a contract with the firm expired in 2012.
“How is a company that employs the Rutgers president set to get paid $2 million without a contract at a time when Rutgers is raising tuition on hard-working families and students?
“Is anyone watching the store?
“Where is the financial control?
“Surely, Gov. Christie has already ordered a review of this entire matter by a watchdog such as the Office of the State Comptroller. A governor who touts his ethics and financial wizardry would not stand for such fiscal irresponsibility. I look forward to the results of such an inquiry.”