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Cryan Praises President’s Plans to Help Reduce Student Loan Debt

Together with Proposed NJ Reforms, College Can be Affordable Again

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union) on Monday praised President Obama’s plans to help reduce the mounting student loan debt load for millions of American college graduates.

Cryan, along with Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, is the lead sponsor of a comprehensive 20-bill package working its way through the legislature, which is designed to help make college more affordable and attainable in New Jersey.

“This is exactly the type of forward-thinking plan we need to help relieve the massive debt crushing most college students. Whether it’s impeding their ability to move forward in life after graduation or from completing college in the first place, student loan debt is a serious crisis that begs our addressing.

“I want to commend the President for recognizing the severity of the situation and using the full power of his office to provide tangible relief for millions of prospective and recent college graduates. I hope Congress will work with the President in earnest to see to it that the rest of his proposals are enacted.

“Together, with the reforms we’re working on in New Jersey, we can make college affordable, once again, for anyone wishing to pursue this dream,” said Cryan.