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Danielsen Bill to Allow Municipalities to Extend Property Tax Grace Period During Public Health Emergencies Approved by Assembly Panel

(TRENTON) – During public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be more difficult for many New Jersey residents to keep up with property tax payments, assessments or other municipal charges.

To ease this burden during public health emergencies, the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Monday advanced a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Joseph Danielsen (D-Middlesex, Somerset) that would allow municipalities to extend the ten-day grace period for residents to pay property taxes after the deadline has passed without accruing interest. Municipalities would be able to extend the grace period by up to 30 days during a public health emergency declared by the Governor.

The measure would also modernize the definition of a notice of delinquent taxes or other charges to clarify that a municipality can send out a notice via regular mail or telephone system, plus one other alternative such as email, text, phone system or any other digital platform the municipality uses to communicate with residents. It would additionally clarify that a notice must specify the property tax quarter to which an interest rate change would apply.

Asm. Danielsen released the following statement:

“As our state grapples with the single greatest health crisis we have ever faced in our lifetime, we recognize that some residents may need a little more time to pay their property taxes or other municipal charges. For some New Jerseyans who are struggling financially, an extra 30 days could make all the difference. 

“This bill would allow municipalities to give residents in their communities more time to make payments when we are experiencing a public health emergency. Not only will this help us through the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will also prepare us for future crises.”