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Day #8: Christie Still Ducking Greenwald

(TRENTON) – Gov. Christie continues to duck Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald’s invitation to fulfill his own vow to debate “anytime they want” the Assembly Democratic plan for middle-class property tax relief versus the governor’s income tax scheme to mostly benefit the wealthy.
Assembly Democrats have proposed a 20 percent property tax relief credit for the middle-class worth on average about $1,600 and a 25 percent property tax relief credit for senior and disabled citizens worth on average about $2,000. Christie has proposed an income tax that would mostly benefit wealthy New Jerseyans.
Greenwald released the following statement on Monday:

“Gov. Christie, today is as good as any to decide whether to live up to your own words and accept my challenge to debate on NJTV’s ‘On the Record.’
“I am ready to put the Assembly Democratic plan to ease the property tax burden for the middle-class and seniors against your plan to benefit the wealthy. Are you?”