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DeAngelo Bill to Extend Civil Service Preference to More Military Service Members Clears Assembly Committee

Legislation Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo sponsored to help more New Jersey residents who have served in the military find employment was advanced by an Assembly committee on Monday.

“This is another effort to help more service members gain work and get better jobs,” said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). “Those who served – in any capacity – have demonstrated a level of commitment to their country and an overall work ethic that can benefit any workplace in the state of New Jersey.”

The bill (A-221) would provide civil service preference to military service members who did not serve in a theater of operation but did serve during a war or conflict for which the federal government authorized a campaign or expedition medal.

Under the Veterans’ Preference Act of 1944, which governs civil service credit and preference in appointments at the federal level, preference in hiring for federal employment goes to veterans who served “in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign medal has been authorized.” This includes campaign or expeditionary medals for El Salvador, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Southwest Asia, Somalia and Haiti.

A campaign medal is generally awarded for participation in a military action involving, among other things: large-scale military operations; active, opposing and hostile forces; combat operations that take place over a sustained period of time; specific and limited periods of eligibility; and deployment involving extended family separation and personal inconvenience.

The criteria for an expeditionary medal generally include, but are not limited to: small-scale or localized military operations; active or potentially active opposing hostile forces; combat operations that take place over a limited period of eligibility; and deployment involving limited family separation and personal inconvenience.

The measure was advanced by the Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee, of which DeAngelo is vice-chair.