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DeAngelo Measure to Promote Good Conduct at Youth Sporting Events Clears Assembly Committee

Legislation Urges Posting of Athletic Codes of Conduct, Announcement of Guidelines at Sites of Games

Legislation Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo sponsored to encourage civility at youth athletic events was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

“Youth sports encourage the teamwork, perseverance and self-control among children that set the foundation for success throughout their entire lives. Everyone benefits from adhering to a code of conduct that fosters an environment in which kids can develop these crucial skills,” said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). “Posting athletic codes of conduct at youth sporting events can remind players and spectators alike to have respect for the game and for one another.”

The measure (AR-178) urges the announcement and posting of athletic codes of conduct at youth sporting events. While state law authorizes school boards and youth sports team organizations to establish athletic codes of conduct, it does not require signs outlining the codes of conduct to be posted.

Increasing awareness of what is expected of athletes, coaches, parents, school officials and other attendees at games can promote civility at sporting events and help ensure the safety of everyone involved, said DeAngelo.

“Ultimately, participants in youth sports want to have fun, and emphasizing good sportsmanship advances that mission,” said DeAngelo.

The legislation was advanced by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee.