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DeAngelo & Mukherji Bill Extending Civil Service Preference to Additional Military Service Members Advances in Assembly

In order to ensure more veterans are eligible for hiring preference when applying to State jobs, a bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo and Raj Mukherji would extend civil service preference to additional military service members. The legislation was advanced by the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee on Monday.

Sometimes a military operation has not yet been classified as a theater of war, or a military member participated in combat but was not officially assigned to that theater. These technicalities currently disqualify that military member from receiving civil service preference for government jobs.

Under the bill (A-259), military members who did not officially serve in a theater of operation but received a campaign or expedition medal in recognition of their service would be able to receive the same hiring preference for which many of their fellow veterans are eligible.

Upon the legislation advancing, Assemblymen DeAngelo (D-Mercer, Middlesex) and Mukherji (D-Hudson) issued the following joint statement:

“Veterans who participated in a military campaign for which a medal has been designated or supported combat operations without direct presence in the actual theater of war should not be denied civil service preference for their faithful service to our country. This legislation will address an unnecessary distinction to assist certain service members in their quest for civilian employment.”