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DeAngelo: Pension Decision Hurts Public Employees

Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex), deputy speaker and representative of one of the state’s largest number of public employees, released the statement below following Tuesday’s New Jersey Supreme Court decision on payments to the pension system:

“The Court’s decision is a significant blow to middle-class public employees, teachers and public safety workers.

“Despite the Court’s ruling today, the Governor and Legislature must ensure that the State pays its fair share into the pension system. Failure to do so will prove that the state’s budget is balanced squarely on the backs of the public employees.

“The pension system deficit cannot be ignored like an unfunded program or regulatory mandate. We must consider steps necessary to making the employer-employee agreement between government and employee binding when it comes to pension, benefits and compensation. Failure to do so will deepen the cracks in the foundation of our state budget and economy.”