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Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo (D-Hamilton) today hailed the Legislature’s Fiscal Year 2012 State Budget as a spending document that recognizes the need to provide relief to middle-class families and senior citizens struggling in the current national economy. DeAngelo pointed out two key financial priorities outlined in the budget that will directly help New Jerseyans – direct school aid and funding for the “Senior Freeze” (Property Tax Reimbursement Program.)

“As we made very careful and specific spending choices in these economic times, it is critical that we dedicated necessary funding for areas that affected the lives of middle-class New Jerseyans the most,” said DeAngelo, deputy speaker pro tempore. “I am pleased that the Legislature’s State Budget two core spending choices to provides an additional billion dollars in school aid to our communities and millions of dollars in direct property tax relief for our most vulnerable senior citizens and disabled homeowners.

“Our schools took as dramatic hit last year when a billion dollars was taken out of our schools. Classrooms sizes have increased; academic and athletic programs have been cut; and educational professionals have been let go. This budget seeks to reverse the damage done to our schools and middle-income homeowners who faced property tax increases in order to fund schools at an appropriate level.

“When the ‘Senior Freeze’ program was put on ice last year, it sent a chilling affect through the homes of countless senior citizens all throughout New Jersey. The money allocated for the ‘Senior Freeze’ will provide a modicum of property tax relief for senior citizen and disabled homeowners struggling to make ends meet,” added DeAngelo.