Diegnan & Jasey Measure Objecting to Christie School Funding Changes for At-Risk Bilingual Students Approved by Assembly

(TRENTON) – A measure sponsored by Assembly Democrats Patrick Diegnan and Mila Jasey to notify the governor that the Legislature does not accept his school funding recommendations for at-risk and bilingual students was approved 50-25-1 Monday by the General Assembly.

“The funding changes proposed by the administration can have serious consequences on the quality of education these students receive,” said Diegnan (D-Middlesex). “The current law is designed to determine school funding based on extensive analysis of the cost of delivering a quality education to all students, including low-income students. These recommendations seem designed to reduce funding available to at-risk children, without regard to the implications for these students. This is problematic, especially when it is being done without any apparent thoughtful analysis.”

“These recommendations are not supported by any research demonstrating the school funding law has provided schools with more resources than required to provide for the needs of these students,” said Jasey (D-Essex/Morris) “Without substantive analysis, the weights for at-risk and bilingual children should remain the same as those established under the school funding law when enacted.”

The concurrent resolution (ACR-131) notifies the governor that the Legislature objects to school-funding recommendations for at-risk and bilingual students.

The Legislature has adopted similar resolutions in the last two legislative sessions objecting to reduced school funding proposed by the administration for at-risk and bilingual students.

The Legislature objects to these recommendations because they are not based on research of the school funding level necessary to achieve the state’s standards, as required under the school funding law or as expected by the New Jersey Supreme Court in its decision.

The resolution also directs the Commissioner of Education to submit a revised report to the Legislature that responds to these objections no later than 30 days after a copy of the resolution is transmitted to the governor and the commissioner.

The measure now awaits further consideration by the Senate.