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Downey & Houghtaling Bill to Increase Workers’ Compensation for Loss of Hand or Foot Passes Assembly

A bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats Joann Downey and Eric Houghtaling (both D-Monmouth) to increase workers’ compensation for employees who lose a hand or foot in a workplace accident was approved Monday by the full Assembly, 62-10. The measure now heads to the Senate for further review.

Downey and Houghtaling released the following joint statement on the bill (A-1110):

“While it isn’t often that workers are involved in an accident that results in them losing a limb, we want to be sure that these workers are fairly and appropriately compensated when these situations occur. Sadly, compensation for the loss of a hand or foot is woefully inadequate under our current system because workers’ compensation has not increased by much in nearly 40 years. In fact, rates have increased but by such a small amount that it does not come close to representing the value and importance of our hands and feet in our jobs and activities of daily living. This reform is long overdue. It’s time for us to expand these benefits so that those who were permanently, partially or totally disabled as a result of their work injury are fairly and adequately compensated under the law.”