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Egan Bill to Allow Local Units to Waive Penalties for Overdue Sewer or Water Charges Clears Assembly Committee

(TRENTON) – Local governing units and authorities would be allowed to waive interest and lien enforcement for certain delinquent water and sewer utility payments during emergency circumstances under legislation approved Monday by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
During a public health emergency or state of emergency declared by the Governor, the bill (A-4126) would allow sewage authorities, county or municipal utility authorities, or counties or municipalities responsible for the administration of a sewage or water utility to refrain from charging interest on a delinquent payment, placing a lien on a property for the unpaid balance of a sewer charge and accruing interest, or discontinuing service for failure to pay an owed amount.
The bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Joseph Egan (D-Middlesex, Somerset) released the following statement:

“Countless New Jersey residents are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. Many are struggling to make ends meet, and may fall behind on their bills.
“In these difficult times, municipal and utility authorities should have the option to choose to forgive these discrepancies. It’s the reasonable and compassionate thing to do.”