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Eliminating Standardized Tests in Teacher Evaluation, Special Police Prosecutor, School Bus Safety, Student Concussion Safety, Farm-to-School Improvements Highlight Monday Assembly Committees

Concerns on Unattended Children in Vehicles, No Under Age 18 Marriages, Cheerleading as Interscholastic Sport, Clean Vehicles & Protections for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Also on Tap

(TRENTON) – Eliminating the requirement that standardized assessments be used as a measure of student progress in the overall evaluation of a teacher, using a special prosecutor in cases involving deaths by law enforcement, improving school bus safety, student athlete concussion safety and improving the Farm-to-School program top Monday’s Assembly committee hearings.
Concerns about unattended children being left in vehicles and legislation to prohibit marriages for those under 18, make cheerleading as an interscholastic sport, promote clean vehicle usage and protect individuals with development disabilities are also on tap.
The meetings are slated to begin at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live at:
· A-4122 (Caride/Jasey) – Eliminates use of standardized assessments as measure of student growth or progress in evaluations of teachers, principals, assistant principals, and vice-principals 10 a.m. Education.
· A-1115 (Oliver/Conaway/Tucker) – Requires Attorney General to appoint special prosecutor when criminal complaint is filed against law enforcement officer. 10 a.m. Judiciary.
· A-155 (Tucker/Caputo/Giblin/Mosquera/Jimenez/Wimberly) – Establishes public awareness campaign concerning the dangers of leaving children unattended in and around motor vehicles.; and A-4079 (Lampitt) – Provides civil immunity to persons who forcibly enter motor vehicles to remove unattended and unsupervised children. 10 a.m. Women and Children.
· A-597 (Lagana/Gusciora) – Establishes crimes of operating school bus with suspended or revoked driving privileges and being involved in accident causing bodily injury; permanently prohibits passenger and school bus CDL endorsements for persons convicted of those crimes. 10 a.m. Education.
· A-2195 (Singleton/DeAngelo/Caride) – Establishes the four-year “New Jersey Innovation Inspiration School Grant Pilot Program” in DOE to fund non-traditional Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs. 10 a.m. Education.
· A-2326 (Vainieri Huttle) – Designates cheerleading as interscholastic sport. 10 a.m. Education.
· A-2481 (Lampitt/Diegnan/Benson/Jasey/Johnson/Mosquera/Muoio/Pinkin/Jimenez) – Requires public school students with concussion to be evaluated by licensed health care professionals before return to school; requires school districts to provide restrictions or limitations to student as needed. 10 a.m. Education.
· A-3799 (Lampitt/Vainieri Huttle/Muoio) – Includes students who participate in school intramural sports programs in the student-athlete head injury safety program. 10 a.m. Education.
· A-3058 (Taliaferro/Houghtaling/Andrzejczak) – Establishes Farm to School Coordinating Council; A-3059 (Houghtaling/Taliaferro/Andrzejczak) – Establishes “New Jersey Farm to Public Institution of Higher Education Program”; A-3061 (Andrzejczak/Taliaferro) – Permits school participating in NJ “Farm to School” program to submit recipe for posting on Dept. of Agriculture website; A-3999 (Houghtaling/Andrzejczak/Mazzeo) – Enables collection of voluntary contributions for Jersey Fresh Program through gross income tax returns; and A-3060 (Andrzejczak/Taliaferro) – Allows qualified school to be called “New Jersey Farm Fresh School.” 2 p.m. Agriculture and Natural Resources.
· A-3295 (McKeon/Benson) – Concerns low emission and zero emission vehicles; establishes Clean Vehicle Task Force. 2 p.m. Environment and Solid Waste.
· A3091 (Gusciora/Oliver/Lagana/Lampitt) – Bars persons under age 18 from marrying or entering into a civil union. 10 a.m. Judiciary.
· A-2449 (Eustace/Gusciora) – Establishes “Adopt a Monarch Butterfly Waystation” program; and A-2448 (Eustace/Pinkin/Gusciora) – Establishes “Milkweed for Monarchs” program. 2 p.m. Environment and Solid Waste.
· A-1772 (Burzichelli/Mosquera/Pinkin/Lagana/Quijano) – Permits inclusion of volunteer firefighters and other emergency responders within municipal eligible employee group for purposes of the small employer health benefits plan statutes. 2 p.m. Homeland Security and State Preparedness.
· A-2741 (Coughlin/Pinkin) – Authorizes municipal governing body to create and maintain list of municipal residents in need of special assistance in case of emergency for public safety purposes. 2 p.m. Homeland Security and State Preparedness.
· A-2503 (Vainieri Huttle/Mosquera) – Provides protections for individuals with developmental disabilities through accountability and transparency; designated as “Stephen Komninos’ Law.” 1 p.m. Human Services.
· A-4075 (Vainieri Huttle) – Concerns procedures for transition of individuals with developmental disabilities from developmental centers to community placements. 1 p.m. Human Services.
· A-803 (Land/Andrzejczak) – Excludes veterans’ entitlements from income for determination of PAAD eligibility. 10 a.m. Military and Veterans’ Affairs.
· A-844 (Quijano/Conaway/Singleton/Danielsen) – Excludes Armed Services combat zone pay from gross income taxation. 10 a.m. Military and Veterans’ Affairs.
· A-3748 (DeAngelo/Eustace) – Requires DMVA to create registry for organizations providing services to veterans. 10 a.m. Military and Veterans’ Affairs.