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Equitable Sandy Relief, Extending 2% Salary Award Cap, Improving Drug Treatment in Jail, Combating Job Shortage at Ports & Rejecting Christie School Funding Changes for At-Risk Students Top Thursday Voting Session

(TRENTON) – Legislation to provide equitable Sandy relief funding, extend the 2 percent cap on base salary awards, improve drug treatment in jails, urge New York to take action to combat job shortage concerns at North Jersey ports and reject Christie school funding changes for at-risk students top Thursday’s Assembly voting session.
The session is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and will be streamed live at:
Highlights include:
· A2568 (Green, Prieto, Jimenez, Lagana, Mazzeo) – Requires State plan for expenditure of Superstorm Sandy federal aid contain certain provisions for equitable and transparent distribution of aid.

· A3067 (Prieto, Greenwald, Singleton, Burzichelli, Johnson) – Revises certain laws governing police and fire interest arbitration; extends two-percent cap on base salary awards.

· A2295 (Prieto, Jimenez, Garcia) – Requires Division of Addiction Services to grant residential drug treatment program licenses to certain programs operating in State correctional facilities and county jails.

· AJR61 (Quijano, Sumter) – Urges Governor and Legislature of New York to enact legislation requiring Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor to accept applications for inclusion of new employees to longshoremen’s register.

· A2684 (Andrzejczak) – Establishes Menhaden Personal Use and Limited Sale License, and permits use of certain gear for taking of menhaden.

· ACR118 (Diegnan, Jasey, Jimenez, Caride) – Accepts and modifies various recommendations included in Educational Adequacy Report.