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Eustace: Cuomo Must Act to End Rockland-Bergen Bi-State River Commission Impasse

Assemblyman Tim Eustace issued the following statement Wednesday calling for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to appoint members to the Rockland-Bergen Bi-State River Commission, an entity aimed at protecting the personal safety and property of New York and New Jersey residents through the identification and remediation of potential flood hazards:

“By definition, a bi-state commission requires the full cooperation of two states. New Jersey did its part. The onus now is on New York. Just as our states share waterways, we share a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of residents who live in their vicinity.

“With full understanding of the importance of this commission, I reached out to Gov. Cuomo in January, urging him to appoint a public member to this body, to no avail. Nearly two years after the enactment of the ‘Rockland-Bergen Watershed Flood Prevention and Protection Act,’ the commission has yet to meet. While I appreciate the fact that both states worked together to pass and enact the legislation, that effort is futile unless all appointments to the commission are made in accordance with the law.

“New Jersey took action toward stemming the tide of chronic flooding in order to protect Bergen County residents. Once again, on their behalf, I urge Gov. Cuomo, respectfully, to fulfill his duty.”