Eustace Introduces Bill to Boost Allotments to State Transportation Trust Fund from Alternative Fuel Vehicles

(TRENTON) – Assembly Democrat Tim Eustace (D-Bergen/Passaic) has introduced legislation that would increase funding sources to state transportation system improvements by dedicating a portion of the sales tax derived from the electricity, natural gas and hydrogen used to fuel alternative motor vehicles.
“New Jersey’s transportation system repair coffers are nearly depleted,” Eustace said. “Seeking alternative funding sources for the transportation trust fund is necessary to maintain the state’s roadways and railways in the manner it needs to be – now and in the future.”
The bill (A-3816) dedicates the portion of the sales tax derived from the sale of electricity, natural gas and hydrogen used to power motor vehicles to the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). Currently, revenues derived from gasoline and diesel motor fuel tax are dedicated to the TTF. Eustace’s bill would similarly dedicate revenues derived from taxes imposed on alternative fuel vehicle using electricity, natural gas and hydrogen as a power source to the TTF.
“Residents are making more environmentally sound choices when it comes to transportation,” added Eustace. “This additional financing capacity will be beneficial to put in place now, especially as more residents are choosing to purchase green or environmentally friendly vehicles. The cars we drive are changing, which means that how we are able to repair the transportation system should be reassessed and brought up into the 21st century.”