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Eustace on PSE&G’s Announcement to Upgrade New Jersey’s Natural Gas Infrastructure over Five Years

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Tim Eustace released on Friday the following statement regarding PSEG’s announcement of a five-year plan to improve the state’s natural gas infrastructure with upgrades:

“This is really good news for the state of New Jersey. With a plan in place, PSEG can begin to address current issues and ward off serious problems that come with the continued neglect of a crumbling infrastructure.

“The impact this plan will have on state and local economies is tremendous. The infusion of hundreds of long-term, salaried positions is welcomed and an opportunity to put many residents back to work.

“I applaud PSEG for being proactive and exhibiting an understanding of accountability by taking the reins and developing a plan that not only focuses on health and safety issues but will be good for the environment as well.
“Unfortunately, most state and federal regulations pertaining to natural gas pipelines focus primarily on health and safety concerns, but not the environment. To lessen the impact of natural gas pipeline leaks on climate change requires repairing and replacing leaking pipelines in a timely fashion. PSEG’s plan will play an important role in setting and keeping New Jersey on the path of environmental responsibility and protecting invaluable resources for future generations.”

Eustace is the sponsor of legislation (A-436) that would require natural gas pipeline utilities to repair or replace pipelines that leak natural gas, within time frames to be established by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or face steep penalties. The bill was approved by the Assembly Telecommunication and Utilities Committee in February.